Taliban demand billions in war reparations and declare Britain is ‘ready to pay’ | World | News

The Islamic militants may need the money to prop up the country’s failing economy after taking power in late August. Reports suggest the Taliban believe the UK will cave to their demands. The possible move has been deemed “an outrage” by UK veterans who served in the country since the US and its allies invaded in 2001.

Since taking power in August, the Taliban have executed dissidents, tortured prisoners and forced women into hiding.

Speaking to The Daily Mirror, Noor Mohommad Mutawakel from the Taliban’s Ministry of Information and Culture said: “Britain is ready to pay us war reparations.

“We welcome that.

“Other countries involved in the war must also be prepared to pay.”

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Colonel Richard Kemp, a former infantry battalion commanding officer in Afghanistan, said: “It is an outrage for the terrorist group that took over the country to demand reparations from countries that fought in Afghanistan to support the legitimate government.

“The British government should not even contemplate paying a penny to these bloodthirsty killers.

“This will be the first of many demands from a regime capable of murdering, torturing and subjugating the population.

“A regime that is driving the country to ruin.”

The Taliban took over Afghanistan on August 15 after the UK and US and other nations pulled out their forces.

They inherited a nation already struggling with drought and severe poverty from decades of bitter conflict.

However, since the Taliban took over the economy is about collapse.

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