John Wayne was left furious with stunt double after glaring mistake — ‘Watch it!’ | Films | Entertainment

On Saturday, November 19, John Wayne stars as John T. Chance in the 1959 western classic.

John Wayne branded Clark Gable ‘handsome idiot’ after what he did to John Ford | Films | Entertainment

John Wayne was well known for his tough and gristly persona on and off-screen, not.

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John Wayne had already remade 1959’s Rio Bravo, a film about a sheriff defending his.

John Wayne shot his co-star in the back – and was reminded of it in his will | Films | Entertainment

In 1929, John Wayne had a small uncreditted role in the American Football film Salute..

‘Furious’ John Wayne had to be restrained by six guards during Marlon Brando’s Oscar win | Films | Entertainment

John Wayne, whose cowboy characters regularly killed Native Americans in his movies, was watching from.

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The 1952 Oscar-winning classic, considered by director John Ford to be his sexiest movie, saw.

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Back in 1969, John Wayne starred in True Grit as one-eyed US Marshal Rooster Cogburn,.

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The iconic Western filmmaker John Ford died 49 years ago today after a battle with.

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The Oscar-winning Roman epic was incredibly controversial upon its release in 1960. Kirk Douglas allowed.

John Wayne was ‘restrained by six security’ over fears he’d hurt Sacheen Littlefeather | Films | Entertainment

This week the Academy Awards apologised to Sacheen Littlefeather after she was shunned following a.