Ecological friendly and sustainable environment
How SSE Renewables uses Azure Digital Twins for more than machines

Image: Proxima Studio/Adobe Stock Must-read big data coverage Offshore wind farms are among the biggest.

China “Routinely” Uses Psychiatric Hospitals To Punish Activists: Report

China is a global leader in locking up political opponents. (Representational) Madrid: China’s use of.

PM Narendra Modi Ditches Teleprompter, Uses Paper Notes For Independence Day Speech

PM Modi recalled “architects of free India” in his address New Delhi: This Independence Day,.

Queen Elizabeth II uses key accessory to end conversations – pictures

Perhaps more than anyone else in the world, Queen Elizabeth II is constantly meeting new.

Kate Middleton uses fake name when shopping in private to protect identity – ‘unusual!’

Kate Middleton, 40, is lucky in that she will have staff at Kensington Palace that.

Wearable device uses sonar to reconstruct facial expressions
Wearable device uses sonar to reconstruct facial expressions

The earable performs as well as camera-based face tracking technology but uses less power and.

Laptop featuring Brave logo.
Brave uses Goggle to show only cybersecurity websites

The independent search engine introduced its new feature that filters results. Image: Adobe Stock Brave.

Prince Harry uses ‘power pose’ when interviewing people – could try to be ‘less confident’

Prince Harry, 37, is the Chief Impact Officer at Better Up. Therefore, he has interviewed.

Pakistan Cricket Board Chief Ramiz Raja Uses Bulletproof Vehicle Owing To Security Threat: Report

File image of PCB chief Ramiz Raja© AFP Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Ramiz Raja.

How to look younger: Beauty fans praise ‘natural facelift’ massager – difference in 2 uses

Ana Avel added: “Game changing. This is already making a difference in my skin care.