DYK Jr NTR started his career as child actor? RRR star completes 25 years in Telugu film industry

Image Source : INSTAGRAM/JR NTR Jr NTR  RRR’s Komaram Bheem aka Jr NTR, has completed.

How to get started with the Google Workspace Admin console

If you’re a Google Workspace administrator, focus on these five areas to orient yourself to.

Photo of iPhone screen with 3 app icons displayed: Gmail, Google Calendar and Drive.
3 apps to get started with Google Workspace on a smartphone

People new to Workspace will likely want to install Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Drive.

Three words: Install (with Chrome and Google Drive for desktop icons below it), Configure (with Gmail and Calendar icons below it) and Intro (with Google Drive icon below it)
5 steps to help your users get started with Google Workspace

A walk-through of the basics will help new employees get set up to use Google.

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How to get started with GitHub Desktop for a seamless Git workflow

If you need to work with GitHub, but don’t have time to get up to.

Twitch’s security problems started long before this week’s hack

A massive security breach at Twitch has exposed a wealth of information pertaining to the.

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