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Huge Smoke Cloud Seen After Blast In Avdiivka With Chemical Plant: Report

Ukraine Russia War: Avdiivka houses a chemical plant. (File) A huge cloud of smoke could.

Russia fire: Massive coal-fired power plant goes up in flames – massive smoke clouds | World | News

The blaze occurred at the GRES-2 power plant with flames spreading to the roof of.

Kyiv explosion: City rocked by two huge blasts as smoke billows over city | World | News

Kyiv mayor Wladimir Klitschko confirmed that the “enemy” had fired on the capital on Thursday.

General Mills plane crash: Massive explosion sends billowing smoke into air | World | News

According to the agency, the incident happened around 7:05 pm (local time) at the plant.

Amid sounds of gunshots and billowing smoke, Indians in Ukraine hope to be shifted away from border

After Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the start of a “special military operation” against Ukraine.

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FILE - In this July 25, 2018 file photo, Hannah Whyatt poses for a friend's photo as smoke from the Ferguson Fire fills Yosemite Valley in Yosemite National Park, Calif. Wildfires burning in the U.S. this summer have upended plans for countless outdoor adventures. Campers, hikers, rafters and other outdoor enthusiasts have had to scrap or change plans or endure awful smoke. (AP Photo/Noah Berger, File)
Wildfires, smoke snuff out outdoor adventures across US

FILE – In this July 25, 2018 file photo, Hannah Whyatt poses for.