: Putin struggling as Russia is using 60 year old tanks due to shortage | World | News

Images on social media have shown ageing T62 tanks on rail cars heading to the.

Oil shortage: Why is there a shortage of cooking oil? What the supply issues mean for you

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has caused severe disruption to the global supply of cooking oil,.

India stares at power shortage in summer demand due to coal supply crisis

New Delhi, April 13 (IANS) Several states in India are likely to see a power.

Indians In Sumy Request Urgent Evacuation As City Under Siege Faces Water, Power Shortage

Indian students in the Ukrainian city of Sumy urged officials to help them evacuate as.

What chip shortage? Semiconductor revenue reached new heights in 2021, says Gartner

Despite demand continuing to outpace supply, or perhaps because of it, industry revenue grew by.

Another chip shortage is only a matter of time. Here’s how businesses can prepare

Shortages are more regular than we may realize, and it’s time for the businesses making.

<p>MIKAELA MACKENZIE / WINNIPEG FREE PRESS </p>Robin Bryan with Christmas trees at Pete’s Trees in Winnipeg.
Shortage of Christmas trees cuts down selection, drives up prices

It turns out the mad rush for Christmas trees this year wasn’t caused by another.

The chip shortage: How should your business approach buying tech and components?

There’s no clear end in sight for the chip shortage plaguing the globe, and that.

Data scientist shortage: Can your company use citizen data scientists?

Teaching data science to people you already have on staff can help alleviate the massive.

iPhone 13
Lack of computer chips hurting Apple shows the severity of the global shortage

The impact of chip shortages hitting companies the size of Apple represents the enormity of.