EU is not eternal! Verhofstadt says crisis calls for reforms in Brussels | World | News

The Belgian MEP raised serious concerns about the political crisis in Eastern Europe and suggested.

A person goes by bike along the Danube Canal during the lockdown in Vienna, Austria, Tuesday, Dec. 7, 2021. A graffiti on the wall in the back says ‚my body, my choice'. (AP Photo/Lisa Leutner)
Austria to end lockdown on Sunday but not for unvaccinated

A person goes by bike along the Danube Canal during the lockdown in.

The pandemic has your blood pressure rising? You’re not alone

It is probably no surprise that the nation’s blood pressure shot up. On Monday, scientists.

Spider-Man No Way Home: Why there are five villains and not the Sinister Six | Films | Entertainment

Back in 2014, Andrew Garfield’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was released and featured a cliff-hanger.

Drake withdraws two Grammy nominations; reasons not known yet

Image Source : TWITTER/@DRAKEDIRECT_ Drake withdraws two Grammy nominations Drake has withdrawn his two 2022.

Elvis Graceland upstairs: The time Lisa Marie dared to wake up King ‘You did NOT do that’ | Music | Entertainment

Vernon ran the business side of Graceland for Elvis, with his office being located behind.

Brian May ‘very careful not to fall into trap’ at Queen shows – ‘I would get fed up’ WATCH | Music | Entertainment

It’s been 50 years since Queen first formed and Brian May and Roger Taylor are.

Expats working abroad may not be eligible for state pension from the start of next year | Personal Finance | Finance

To be eligible for any state pension at all one needs 10 qualifying years on.

How well do you know your APIs? Not well enough, says Cisco

Many APIs are openly accessible online, and that means big chunks of your apps are,.

Not in favour of cut-off based admission process: Delhi University VC

The current cut-off based admission system puts students from the boards where the marking is.