Apple Says to Allow More Payment Options for Dutch Dating App Developers

I never thought I would be able to share a home with someone who likes.

Apple debuts pay-later service, iPhone updates to developers

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain Apple Inc. unveiled a flurry of new software features and services.

Programming code abstract technology background of software developer and Computer script
Developers say they work for tech-first companies, but data may not support it

Image: monsitj/Adobe Stock Over 3,700 front-end development professionals filled out The Software House’s survey on.

e game
Gamers want more chances to connect with star players and developers at physical esports events

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Professor Babak Taheri from the Marketing and Consumer Studies Research Centre.

Google will test letting Android developers use their own billing systems

Google is introducing a pilot to let “a small number of participating developers” offer a.

Developers working on a project
What developers value most about their positions

New information from Stack Overflow goes in-depth on what your business can do to keep.

Programming languages: How to learn Kotlin with these resources for developers

If you want to learn the Kotlin programming language, check out this list of books,.

Citizen developers can work with business leaders to develop real software solutions on low-code platforms

Will low-code/no-code tools and automation lead to fewer developer jobs? My guest today doesn’t think.

The most in-demand skills for software developers and other tech jobs? This CTO can tell you

What will the developer and tech job market look like in 2022 and beyond, that’s.

Curt Queyrouze President and CEO TAB Bank
How software developers are helping TAB Bank transform banking

  TAB Bank got its start in the transportation industry, using tech like Mulesoft and.