European Union backlash as majority of Serbians now against joining Brussels bloc | World | News

The European Union could be losing its appeal as a majority of Serbians are now.

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The protest was organised by Europeans United, together with several national branches of World Wide.

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A young man was filmed pushing a woman deliberately onto the tracks in Rogier metro.

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Professor Gavin Barrett an expert in EU law at University College Dublin said that the.

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European shares slipped on Friday on concerns over rising inflation and surging coronavirus infections, while.

EU news: Brussels ‘propaganda’ torn apart as bloc’s Covid handling compared with UK | World | News

Bart van Horck, chair of CDA Midvoor, sister party to the CDU in Germany, claimed.

EU news: Bloc set to spark trade war with China as Brussels plot tariffs over ‘dumping’ | World | News

The bloc is set to impose tariffs on imports of screws in response to claims.

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The European Commission has launched an online survey, asking the youth what they want out.

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The Belgian MEP raised serious concerns about the political crisis in Eastern Europe and suggested.

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The Belgian capital has witnessed ugly scenes as thousands of angry health workers march in.