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On January 20, 1988, The Beatles were finally inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall.

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Back in 1962, The Beatles’ manager Brian Epstein convinced George Martin to consider signing John.

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After the band had found their positivity once again, McCartney explained they dug themselves out.

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In 1969 The Beatles decided to go out with a bang by performing some of.

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The legendary band members of The Beatles are still considered experts in the music industry to.

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In 1968 The Beatles were working hard on their ninth record, The White Album. It.

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In 1967 John Lennon and Paul McCartney worked together to write a new collection of.

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After The Beatles recorded their final album, Let It Be, they got together on their.

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Released in November 1970, George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass was his third studio album.

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Olivia quoted George, who died in 2001, speaking of Lennon which read: “He saw that.