FlickPlay’s social metaverse app brings augmented reality to Santa Monica

App users collect coins that unlock digital collectibles and promote local events and shops. A.

iOS 15
How to use iOS 15.2’s new App Privacy Report and other new features

Fixes for 42 vulnerabilities are also included, so it’s a good idea to upgrade your.

App Store
Apple wins reprieve in deadline to revamp App Store rules

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Apple Inc. won a delay to court-mandated changes to its App.

This Mac app bundle will turbocharge your productivity

The 12 apps in this bundle will not only speed up our work, they will.

Trials begin of revolutionary women’s smartwatch safety app

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Trials begin this week in Bath of a revolutionary new smartwatch.

Kubernetes logo concept
Enterprises get closer to the app store experience with Kubernetes and GitOps

Commentary: The big enterprise problem isn’t running hundreds of apps across multiple clouds; no, the.

Virtual office company expands the metaverse for work with a new app and private project rooms

Teamflow rebuilds its entire engine to make its virtual office software available from anywhere on.

Mouse cursor concept
Windows 10 PowerToys: How to activate and use the Mouse utilities app

With the release of version 49, developers of Windows 10 PowerToys added a Mouse utilities.

Microsoft logo and Linux penguin logo
Microsoft adds Windows Subsystem for Linux Preview to Windows 11 Microsoft App Store

It’s now even easier to install Windows Subsystem for Linux on Windows 11. Jack Wallen.

TikTok ‘slap a Teacher’ craze sparks backlash against app – ‘Dangerous!’ | World | News

A recent viral “slap a teacher” trend has swept the application, causing concerned officials to.