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Why Microsoft’s and Google’s cloud success is especially good for AWS

AWS may have had a 7-year head start in cloud, but now it has real.

IT professional working in a data center.
Snowflake vs AWS Redshift: Data warehousing software comparison

Data warehousing tools gather data in a central repository for use by business units in.

AWS and Salesforce team up to combine direct-to-consumer video streaming and analytics

The combined offering is designed to create greater customization of user experiences, increase retention and.

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AWS has a sexy new modernization play – and it’s all about unsexy mainframes

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AWS has gone down before, as have other providers; Fastly has lessons to share from its own outage

Fastly’s mid-2021 outage took some huge sites offline. Its Chief Product Architect Sean Leach shares.

AWS re:Invent 2021: Few new services suggest AWS is maturing (in a good way)

Commentary: AWS didn’t fill re:Invent 2021 with new product announcements. Instead, AWS seems to be.

Beyond the migration: Accenture and AWS expand partnership to support continuous cloud innovation

Five-year extension also includes training to help clients understand and implement cloud capabilities more quickly..

Serverless offerings like AWS Lambda haven’t hit the big time, but Kubernetes can help

Commentary: Serverless has failed to hit its potential, Corey Quinn argues. Containers may help to.

Master Kubernetes, React, AWS and more valuable cloud skills with this training

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