China news: Chinese jets and bombers descend on Taiwan airspace as Beijing stokes tensions | World | News

The Taiwanese Ministry of National Defense said that 27 Chinese military aircraft entered the southwest.

Moment RAF and US fighter jets intercept Russian bombers as war fears erupt – VIDEO | World | News

A video from one of the Russian bombers shows the RAF jet coming close by.

Taiwan war fears explode as 16 Chinese fighter jets enter airspace – island on alert | World | News

This afternoon, Taiwan’s authorities revealed the aircraft entered the country’s southwest Air Defense Identification Zone..

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The Su-57 fifth-generation fighter jets will be delivered to Russian troops by 2027, with several.

China and Taiwan on the brink of war after 38 PLA fighter jets violate Taipei’s airspace | World | News

Taiwan has an air defense identification zone which covers most of the Taiwan Strait including.

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The Argentinian Government has planned to spend £483million on 12 PAC JF-17A Block III fighters.