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Author Mike Pagan opens the Mental Wealth: Unlock Your Potential, Enrich Your Life book with a heart-wrenching, personal recollection of how he lost a friend in a battle against his own mental health.

The subject looms over his new self-help book in an effort to remind readers how tough times affect all of us; especially when we least expect it.

Pagan begins the description of Mental Wealth as “a combination of optimum mental health and the backing of a committed support network that I refer to as a mental wealth team. A key benefit of having such a team is a sense of inner security and purpose, with added laughter, fun and enjoyment along the way.”

Indeed, he continues explaining throughout the book that a strong foundation of supporters is key to utilising the best parts of oneself.

Not only does the book encourage readers to become more open with their own mindset and emotions, but it also strives to improve everyone around them.

Included in any Mental Wealth team are people who provide emotional support and people who fight your corner.

The Mental Wealth team can also include a “legal eagle” for solicitor issues and accountants.

In a world full of reopening anxiety, the Mental Wealth method gives readers a new way of looking at their lives and indeed improving them.

While the Mental Wealth book talks a good game, Pagan does frequently offer insight into his own struggles through life.

Whether it be with dealing with cancer in the family, or self-doubt, it’s full of personable stories of his own.

A large chunk of the book also focuses on working on your Mental Wealth to support a business.

With first-hand experiences in this part of life, Pagan assures readers they will get something out of the book, whether they are “students, CEOs, employees, or sportspeople”.

Mental Wealth: Unlock Your Potential, Enrich Your Life is out now.

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