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The American, also known as Sly, remains one of the world’s most profitable stars, and is perhaps best remembered for creating the incredible character Rocky Balboa. Tonight, the 75-year-old reprises the role of his lifetime in the 2018 film Creed II, which sees newly crowned heavyweight champ Adonic Creed face off against Viktor Drago. Viktor is the son of Ivan Drago, a boxer Rocky fought in the Eighties, and who now trains Adonis.

The franchise is among the best received in film history, spawning eight films, with a ninth expected for release later this year.

While Stallone has been given almost free reign to create the films and content he wishes, the star argued that in the modern age of streaming platforms, less risks and money was being spent on creating movies like the ones he made.

Speaking on The Dave Rubenstein Show last month, Stallone was asked what advice he’d give to aspiring filmmakers, and said: “The entrepreneurial, grabbing life by the seat of the pants, going by your gut instinct is over.

“For example, Rocky would never be made today, this never would have happened.

“It’s over. Godfather wouldn’t be made today.”

Both Rocky and The Godfather won Best Picture gongs at the Academy Awards, and have earned cult status among film fans for generations since their release in the Seventies.

And Stallone was convinced that the rise of these streaming platforms had now changed the film industry for good.

He expressed his belief that those platforms weren’t “ever going to have the golden era” like Hollywood did, claiming the “audience, the demographic is different”.

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Stallone admitted to being broke prior to Rocky being given the green light by producers.

While he wasn’t an unknown in Hollywood, roles in The Lords of Flatbush and Death Race 2000 making him standout, he had yet to earn the golden ticket to infamy.

And according to a recent New York Times piece, Stallone only had $106 (£81) in his bank account while writing Rocky’s script.

He was inspired to write the screenplay after watching boxers Muhammad Ali and Chuck Wepner fight, and only took him four days to write in full.

Earlier this month, Stallone took to Instagram to share with his followers what his favourite Rocky movie was, with 2006’s Rocky Balboa clinching the title.

Reflecting on it, he wrote: “I love the sixth installment. It was the toughest challenge I ever had. Took over 12 years to make happen.

“No one wanted to make it. Absolutely no one.

“It was considered a joke. But in my heart I loved the idea and thought if I’m going to go out, I want to go out making this movie.

“Even though no one involved with the other previous productions wanted anything to do with it , and it finally made against all odds!!!”

Creed II airs tonight from 10.45pm on ITV.

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