Supersized dog bed promises owners the ultimate comfort

Visitors to Dogstival will have the opportunity to lie in The Big Bliss Bolster Bed, which was made using an amount of fabric larger than the average floorspace of a two bed flat. Charley Chau, the designers of the bed, have claimed that it is “one of the biggest dog beds ever made” – giving pet lovers the ultimate comfort with their beloved animal.

The bed measures more than 2.5m by 2.1m, which is larger than a human Super King.

It was made using over 75sqm of fabric, all stitched together with 175m of seams – which is bigger than the Blackpool Tower.

The brand new bed will be on display for both humans and dogs alike to test out this weekend at the Dogstival festival.

Each “bed hop” will give people the opportunity to donate to the Pets As Therapy charity, meaning the pleasure also comes with a good cause.

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