Strictly’s Rose & Giovanni body language shows ‘genuine’ love-story – ‘uniquely romantic’

Strictly Come Dancing has been hugely popular this year. Celebrity body language expert Judi James had a close look at the dance couples’ body language to spot signs of off-screen chemistry.

On AJ and Kai, Judi said: “Their single status meant there were no bitter partners in the background muttering about ‘The Curse of Strictly’.”

This curse refers to Strictly contestants who separate from their partners to pursue romance on the show.

After all, they’re bound to get close when they’re spending all day, every day together practising passionate routines.

Twelve relationships have reportedly ended due to this supposed Strictly curse.

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She added: “The gorgeous AJ looked more than happy to drop huge non-verbal hints that seemed to endorse all that ‘are they dating’ speculation’.”

The TV presenter was even heard calling her rumoured beau “baby”.

She also said that their “near-kiss” at the end of the routine created a typical “fan-frenzy”.

However, the pair now sit at the bottom of the leaderboard, with just 28 points out of a possible 40 this week.


Judi asked: “Did a hiccup scupper their scores this week?”, referring to the pair’s VT where AJ and Kai sat apart from each other.

She noticed that “their body language made that gap look even more pronounced. Neither leaned into the other, there was no touch and AJ kept her arms folded in a barrier ritual, glancing at him over her shoulder”.

Tilly and Nikita’s dance partnership is on the rocks, according to the body language expert.

She observed: “His yell at the end of this week’s dance sounded aggressive and battle-like and his grin had become rigid, with his mouth often falling at the corners.”

Judi added: “His chin raises and his lower jaw juts in a micro-gesture of displeasure and although he still places a supportive-looking arm around Tilly their signals of natural, semi-flirty fun seem to have vanished.”

Despite Tilly’s clear “resilience”, her glances towards her partner suggest that she’s “seeking support and endorsement from him”.

However, he appears reluctant to give this to her, as he exemplifies “signs of frustration and impatience with some of the scores and comments”.

As for Giovanni and Rose, Judi believes that their relationship is special.

She said: “This relationship has grown over the weeks and now Gio gazes at Rose with utter respect and a parental-looking sense of pride and adoration while Rose might even have pulled back on her banter enough to show a matching sense of love.”

She added: “He might have taught Rose to dance, but she’s done incredible things for his profile by revealing this softer, more paternal and empathetic side.”

This pair display “a non-sexual love story that looks genuine and uniquely romantic”.

This is one couple who certainly don’t look like they’re falling victim to “The Curse of Strictly”.

You can catch these dancers on Saturday November 20 at 6:35pm on BBC One.

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