Start creating your own video games immediately with this software bundle

You can even sell the games you create with this drag-and-drop game development bundle, specifically designed for non-technical users.

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If you love to play video games, you may be interested to hear that you can create your own without any programming, designing or 3D modeling experience. The Complete GameGuru Unlimited Bundle provides everything you need in order to do so and it’s available at the moment for only $49.99. And if you do have coding experience, then it makes a great starting point, saving you a ton of time and effort.

Start with “GameGuru,” which is a fun game maker that provides the creative tools specifically designed for non-technical users, although experienced ones can code deeper into the games using the scripting language. For instance, you can create your own people by choosing from various heads and bodies, or design stunning landscapes, simply lowering or raising the game terrain and then painting it.

You don’t need any 3D modeling skills to create simple structures with custom textures, either. Guru contains a library full of game-making assets that you can just drag into your game level. Then you populate it with the characters you’ve created, as well as weapons and other items before pressing a single button to build the game. At that point, it’s ready to play. No wonder said GameGuru is one of the easiest 3D game engines to use.

Guru uses the latest graphics tech, including full PBR rendering, so your games will look fabulous. You can actually export them when you’re done, to either share or sell, and there are no license terms or royalties to worry about. Although, you may enjoy it all enough to train to become an actual game developer, which is on our list of cool jobs. Best of all, this bundle includes a number of game packs with specialized or a variety of items for your world building.

There’s a medical pack, with hospital furnishings, machines and more, plus Antiques in the Attic, Abandoned Apartment, Construction Site, Buildings, Melee Weapons, Cold War, Death Valley, SciFi Mission to Mars and Fantasy. Then there are three Mega Packs, each with hundreds of items. The first has Arabic old town and Asian cyberpunk items. The second has castles, catacombs, dungeons and more. The third includes urban, industrial, sport, medical items and more.

Don’t miss this chance to learn how to create your own video games, get The Complete GameGuru Unlimited Bundle today while it’s on sale for just $49.99 (normally $384).

 Prices subject to change.

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