Star Wars writer gives final word on The High Republic’s canon and details its future | Books | Entertainment

Light of the Jedi, which came out on January 5 of this year, was the first step in Disney’s next great Star Wars story.

Before Disney bought Lucasfilm and its Star Wars canon, the Extended Universe stories reigned supreme. The cacophony of novels, comic books and video games told deeper stories within the Star Wars universe that fans hailed as some of the franchise’s best content.

In 2014 an announcement on the official Star Wars website revealed the Star Wars Extended Universe – particularly the novels written post-Return of the Jedi and The Old Republic – had been wiped clean.

The High Republic is the first step in refilling The Old Republic’s gaps, and Charles worked alongside a group of writers to perfectly craft an endearing, engaging and exciting story to replace the Extended Universe.

Charles explained: “If Light of the Jedi was not an absolute home run out of the park it would have had an effect. That was my main goal… not to let my cowriters down.”

Speaking over Zoom, Charles was eager to set the record straight about how valid his new story framework was in Star Wars canon.

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