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Although the second Star Wars film, The Empire Strikes Back, was released back in 1980, fans still cannot decide on how to pronounce one of the vehicles used in the movie.

The film opened with Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Leia Organa on the ice planet of Hoth before they got found out by the Empire – led by Darth Vader.

These events eventually led to a thrilling battle and included the first appearance of the AT-ATs – four-legged vehicles of destruction used by Storm Troopers.

The official Star Wars Twitter account recently opened up a dialogue with fans, however, about the correct pronunciation of this vehicle.

They quizzed fans over whether it should be “ay-tee-ay-tee” or “att-att”.

Luke star Mark Hamill jumped in to deliver the true, canonical answer after almost 140,000 votes.

Hamill told his 5.1 million followers about when he asked a similar question to George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars.

He wrote: “FYI: When we would ask George: ‘Is it Chew-bah-ka or Chew-back-a?””Is it Lay-a or Lee-a?””Is it Hahn or Han (as in hand)?’ – he would just shrug and didn’t really care.”

Lucas would tell his cast members these words were “pronounced in various ways in different parts of the galaxy”. Hamill followed up by delivering the hashtag “true story”.

The 70-year-old also gave his opinion of how he thought the names should be said.

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Filoni noted that, in his show, he has used all three different ways of addressing the creatures.

“That’s canon,” he added. “Because in [The Clone Wars] I have imperials say walkers, I have them say at-at, and I have them say A-T-A-T.”

However, one Netflix star believes the vehicles do have a correct pronunciation.

Rahul Kohli, of Midnight Mass fame, also chimed into the debate.

Kohli pointed out that the vehicle’s sister robot – the AT-ST – clears up the debate easily.

He wrote on Twitter: “I pronounce is ’80-80′ not ‘@-@’ and my biggest reason? The AT-ST. You ain’t saying ‘@-sssssst’ are you?”

Which is quite hard to argue with. Especially when he has been in the middle of various Star Wars rumours over the years, suggesting he will be taking on the role of Ezra Bridger in a live-action debut.

The Star Wars series is available to watch on Disney Plus now.

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