Star sign traits: The most attractive part of your body based on your star sign

Astrology: Expert explains what your star sign means about you

Until the 1700s, physicians across Europe were legally required to calculate the position of the Moon before operating on someone. The link between the planets and health isn’t believed by medical professionals today… but why do all Leos have incredible hair? Even if there’s no science behind the idea that your star sign impacts your body in any way, you can’t deny that there are a lot of famous singers who are Taureans. chatted to astrologer Francesca Oddie (@francescaoddieastrology on Instagram) to find out what your best asset is based on your star sign.

Star sign traits:

Star sign traits: Your physical attributes may be something to do with your star sign (Image: Getty)

Star sign traits:

Star sign traits: Lady Gaga is an Aries, so she loves a statement hat (Image: Getty)


Aries rules the head, so Aries people are most likely to attract people using their mind and face.

You’re very beautiful and your headstrong and ambitious nature only accentuates your looks.

Aries people might really suit hats, headbands and other hair accessories, or perhaps you cut your hair in bold styles.

Lady Gaga is known for her flamboyant headgear and style choices, and alongside her talent, this is what has brought her so much success.

How could you forget Leighton Meester’s character in Gossip Girl, Blair Waldorf, who is never seen without a statement headband.

Pharrell Williams and Todrick Hall are examples of attractive and intelligent Aries men who are also fond of a hat.


Taureans have attractive necks and voices – perhaps they have a long slender neck with collar bones to match, or maybe they have a strong, thick neck on muscular shoulders.

Think Gigi Hadid, Audrey Hepburn or even Dwayne Johnson.

Taureans, such as Adele, Babra Steisand and Lizzo are known for their incredible singing voices, but this could also apply to your speaking voice.

Taurus rules the senses and Taureans are known for being very seductive.

You attract people by always wearing an appealing fragrance, making sure your outfit is colour coordinated and shows off your best assets.

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Star sign traits:

Star sign traits: Adele and Gigi Hadid are Taureans who rule the neck and throat (Image: Getty)

Star sign traits:

Star sign traits: Alan Carr is a chatty Gemini who talks with his hands (Image: Getty)


Gemini rules the hands, arms and lungs – all things you use to chat and communicate with everyone you meet.

Your wit and charm are your greatest assets as a Gemini.

Geminis are very animated when they speak and they tend to talk with their hands… they don’t call Gemini comedian Alan Carr ‘Chatty Man’ for nothing.

A lot of great actors and performers such as Courteney Cox, Paul McCarney, Neil Patrick Harris, Helena Bonham Carter and Sir Ian McKellen are Geminis – their ability to express their feelings physically draws people in.

People who are born under the sign of Gemini are very witty and they use this to attract people… Gemini icon Marilyn Monroe and models Kate Upton, Naomi Campbell and Elizabeth Hurley are more than just pretty faces – they know how to work a room.


Cancerians are linked to the stomach, digestive organs, and the breasts.

Cancerian women probably have a gorgeous curvy figure, just look at Perrie Edwards, Lana Del Rey, Khloe Kardashian, Katherine Ryan, and Pamela Anderson.

Cancer is symbolised by the crab, and like a crab, Cancerian men are soft on the inside with a hard shell.

Male Cancers such as Chris Pratt and Conor McGregor love to work out and probably attract people with their rock hard abs and strong thighs.

For male and female Cancerians, food is the way to the heart, and you’re probably a great chef yourself.

Jamies Martin and Gino D’Acampo are both Cancers who can cook up a storm in the kitchen.

Star sign traits:

Star sign traits: Cancer women are curvy and Cancer men super fit and toned (Image: Getty)

Star sign traits:

Star sign traits: Maya Jama and Viola Davis are iconic Leos (Image: Getty)


Leos are symbolized by the lion, so it’s no surprise that Leos have excellent hair.

Aren’t Halle Berry, Viola Davis, Debra Messing, and Elizabeth Gillies everyone’s hair goals?

This sign is known for being consistently glamorous and always looking good, something Maya Jama is known for.

Leos are so warm and full of life that they grab everyone’s attention when they enter a room – just think about Cara Delevigne and Mick Jagger.


Virgos rule the small intestines and spleen, which means this sign is super health-conscious.

Virgos attract people with how motivated they are and how much love they show themselves.

This sign doesn’t like anything in excess and they are very careful about what they put in their bodies.

This sign is big on fitness, nutrition, gut health and the connection between the body and mind, famous Virgo Fearne Cotton is into all these things and regularly discusses them with other celebs on her podcast Happy Place.

Virgos are so healthy that they have a lit-from-within look and seriously toned bodies, take Blake Lively, Zendaya, Idris Elba, and Sophia Loren for example.

Virgos are very busy people and like to keep their style fairly simple, but they look good in anything.

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Star sign traits:

Star sign traits: Fearne Cotton is a classic Virgo (Image: Getty)

Star sign traits:

Star sign traits: Libras are beautiful and always wearing a pulled-together and polished look (Image: Getty)


Libra, represented by the scales, rules over the kidneys.

The job of the kidneys is to regulate the amount of water in your body and get rid of waste.

Like the kidneys, Libras need balance and attract people by home refined and put together they are.

Libras such as Kate Winslet and Bella Hadid are always dressed tastefully with everything matching – and this is attractive.

Libras are ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, and so are naturally beautiful as it is.

Just one look at Kim Kardashian, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Dakota Johnson is enough to prove this point!

Male Libras such as Will Smith, John Mayer, Usher and Zac Efron all have that Greek God look common to Libras.


Scorpios attract people with their sex appeal, after all, they are ruled by the reproductive organs.

Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling, Leonardo DiCaprio, Frank Ocean and Karamo Brown are all known for being sexy men, and they have this Sun sign in common.

Ashley Graham, Emma Stone, Katy Perry and Kendall Jenner all have the Scorpio allure about them.

Scorpios look amazing in dark colours, leather, piercings, and anything that makes a statement.

Star sign traits:

Star sign traits: Scorpios like Ashley Graham and Ryan Gosling are known for their sex appeal (Image: Getty)

Star sign traits:

Star sign traits: Nicki Minaj is a typical Sagittarius (Image: Getty)


Sagittarius people rule the hips, thighs and bum area of the body, the lower half of their bodies are very strong.

You attract people with your curvy figure and fashionable style.

Chrissy Teigan, Nicki Minaj, Rita Ora, and Kaley Cuoco all have curvy figures that fit the Sagittarius type.

Sagittarian people like to wear clashing colours and are confident in their fashion choices – they make a statement, whether you like it or not!


Capricorn people have beautiful bone structures and rule over the skin and teeth.

Kate Middleton, Michelle Obama and Kate Moss have glowing skin, straight teeth, and chiselled cheekbones in abundance.

Orlando Bloom, LeBron James, Timothee Chalamet are all examples of this attractive sign.

Capricorns attract people with their classic, natural, and traditional look- it never goes out of style.

Star sign traits: KATE

Star sign traits: Kate Middleton has a beautiful Capricorn bone structure (Image: Getty)

Star sign traits:

Star sign traits: Aquarians attract people through their personality and edgy look (Image: Getty)


Aquarius is linked to the circulatory system, which includes anything from the ankles to the heart.

This is what carries oxygen, nutrients, and hormones to cells – it keeps everything travelling where it should.

Aquarius people are a bit like this, as the water bearer, they are always helping others to find their way.

Aquarians such as Shakira and Holly Willoughby attract people with their brilliant minds and friendliness.

This sign is also known for having a wacky style and isn’t afraid to cross boundaries – Aquarius Harry Styles proved this when he rocked a ball gown on the cover of Vogue.


Pisceans are linked to the feet and this could mean one of two things – you’re cosmopolitan or bohemian.

You’re a fashionista with a passion for accessories like Rihanna or Lily Collins, or you’d rather be barefoot on a beach like Chris Martin or Jameela Jamil.

You attract people with your personal style and how comfortable you are in yourself.

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