SSR’s ‘MS Dhoni’ co-star Sandeep Nahar hanged himself in bedroom of flat, confirms Police


SSR’s ‘MS Dhoni’ co-star Sandeep Nahar hanged himself in bedroom of flat, confirms Police

Actor Sandeep Nahar, who had blamed his wife in a video and also mentioned “politics” he faced in Bollywood in a “suicide note” posted on Facebook,

killed himself by hanging in the bedroom of his flat in suburban Goregaon here, as per preliminary probe by police, an official said on Tuesday. Nahar, who was in his 30s and featured in films like Akshay Kumar‘s “Kesari” and Sushant Singh Rajput-starrer “MS Dhoni“, was found unconscious at his flat on Monday evening by his wife Kanchan and friends who took him to SVR Hospital, where he was declared dead on arrival, police had said.

Hours before his death, the actor had posted a video and a “suicide note” on Facebook in which he purportedly blamed his wife and also mentioned “politics” he faced in Bollywood. “Nahar was spotted hanging from the ceiling fan of his bedroom by his wife and her friends. They brought him down and rushed him to SVR hospital in Goregaon where he was declared dead on arrival,” the official said on Tuesday.

He said the door of Nahar’s bedroom was locked from inside. As frequent knocks by the actor’s wife on the door of the bedroom failed to evoke any response, she called her friends, the owner of the flat, and a key-maker, the official said, adding the door was finally opened with a duplicate key.

On Tuesday, brother and father of Nahar reached the Goregaon police station to claim his body to perform his last rites, he said. According to the official, no complaint was lodged so far from any side.

On the basis of a primary information, Goregaon police has registered a case of accidental death and awaiting postmortem report. The official said police will record statements of Nahar’s wife, as she was the first person to spot him hanging, and of others who had rushed him to hospital.

In the video posted by the actor in Hindi, he can be heard saying that he was “frustrated” with constant fights with his wife and was being harassed and blackmailed by her and also by his mother-in-law. “I would’ve died by suicide a long time ago but I chose to give myself the time and hope that things would get better, but they didn’t. I now have nowhere to go. I don’t know what awaits me after I take this step, but I’ve been through hell in this life.

“I have only one request, after I am gone, please don’t say anything to Kanchan (his wife) but do get her treated,” he said.

According to police, Nahar had probably posted this video around three hours before his death on Monday. In the “suicide note”, purportedly written by Nahar, he mentioned about “politics” he faced in Bollywood, “unprofessional functioning and the lack of emotions in people working in the industry”. 

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