Spiked – the key signs you’ve been spiked and how to tell

What is spiking?

Drink spiking is the name given to someone slipping a drug into your drink without your knowledge.

The drugs used can vary, but it leaves the person incredibly vulnerable, sometimes even unconscious, and with no memory of the evening.

Horrifying posts on social media allege that people believe they have been drugged on a night out, and the morning after have found pin-prick marks looking as though they’ve been injected with a substance.

A survey by student newspaper The Tab questioned more than 23,000 students and young people and found some 2,600 respondents believed they had been spiked since the start of this academic year.

The same survey found 50 percent of people knew someone who had been spiked.

Although spiking has been known about for years, these recent revelations have exposed the prevalence of the problem, with some referring to it as a “spiking epidemic.”

In response to these horrifying accounts, groups have organised a boycott of nightclubs next week, on October 27, 2021, dubbed the ‘#GirlsNightIn’.

Although women are leading the outcry, it isn’t a woman’s responsibility not to get spiked while on a night out.

Many are asking who the culprits are, and how to deter them from carrying out this serious crime that can leave victims feeling traumatised.

But how can you tell if someone has been spiked?

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