Spider-Man theory: Tom Holland to be replaced by Miles Morales | Films | Entertainment

Spider-Man: NWH is the last film on Holland’s current contract with Sony/Marvel, freeing him to pursue other projects if he wishes.

At first, it seemed as though Holland’s new trilogy was secured, with Sony executive producer Amy Pascal quickly confirming it ahead of the NWH release. However, Sony itself hasn’t backed up the confirmation, and since then Pascal has backed away from her concrete previous statement.

On the red carpet of NWH, Pascal was asked again about the next trilogy, to which she simply said “if I have my way we will” see a new trilogy.

With Holland’s future with Sony in flux, it wouldn’t be hard for Marvel to make the switch to Miles, as there have been a few references to the next generation webhead in the Home trilogy.

The first came way back in Homecoming when Spider-Man encountered Aaron Davis (played by Donald Glover). The character is the alter-ego of The Prowler, one of Miles’ greatest villains and his uncle.

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