Sophie Wessex’s wedding tiara broke tradition from ‘most royal brides’ – ‘unpretentious’

“She usually opts for a classic heel and has a particular fancy for quaint jewellery and unique headpieces. On the day, the bride accessorised with simple white heeled pumps.

“Her ‘wow’ elements were her black and white cross motif pearl necklace with matching black and white pearl drop earrings, both of which were a wedding gift from Prince Edward, who had them created by Asprey and Garrard.

“Sophie finished off her look with the Anthemion tiara from the Queen’s collection.”

What is the history of the Anthemion tiara?

The expert commented: “A little-known fact about this tiara is the ties it has to Queen Victoria. The four anthemion elements of the tiara were originally alternative pieces from Queen Victoria’s Regal Circlet, which had numerous other detachable elements.

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