Sophie Countess of Wessex is a ‘true leader’ – gives Louise and James ‘freedom’

Now as a parent to an 18-year-old and a 14-year-old, Sophie will certainly have her hands full.

She is also a working member of the Royal Family who is expected to do a certain number of royal engagements on a regular basis.

Angela Karanja, an Adolescent Psychologist and Parenting Teenagers Expert, is the founder of Raising Remarkable Teenagers.

She spoke exclusively to about Sophie Wessex’s parenting skills and how she differs from other royals.

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Angela said: “One of the marked and publicly known ways that Sophie differs from other royals is that she chose to have both her children on the NHS.

“This is one of the marks of a true leader, a person who walks their talk. How would anyone know if the NHS works and its conditions if you’ve never experienced it?

“There’s a human connection that comes with great gestures. A believability, even a likeability that comes with people being able to relate with you at their level.

“Sophie’s knowledge of PR may have given her that insight. Imagine the added value this brings along in her leadership leading girls from all over the world?


“How better to do this than to show: ‘I am a woman, I am a human just like you and therefore what I’m achieving or have achieved, you can too’. This inspires girls and boys to have faith and dreams.

“In their young minds they can say I can believe in my leader’s authenticity and mission, it’s both achievable and believable,” the expert noted.

The Countess of Wessex comes from a non-royal background, which Angela believes has helped with her parenting.

She continued: “There’s a benefit that common people accrue from the freedom to think beyond an institution.

“This is because all institutions come with restrictions, both physical and psychological.

“So, Sophie was and had already established her influence and edge even before she joined the institution. In other words, she already had a strong mind of her own.

“And I believe she had learnt the value of working hard to achieve results, with which she is now adding so much value to the royal institution with a true palpable influence.”

Louise, 18, and James, 14, are “grounded” teenagers according to Angela.

She added: “They are grounded I believe.

“Even though living in way more plentiful than most children and teenagers in England, we see young people who demonstrate those universal human ethics and values. Kindness, helpful, giving, humbleness. Why? Because their parents have modelled this.

“In psychology, we have what we call mirror neurons phenomenal.

“Where young people adopt and become what they observe around them.

“In one of Sophie’s interviews with Hello magazine, she states that she and her husband share a number of interests, laugh a lot, and have a great friendship.

“If and when this kind of lifestyle is demonstrated and modelled to kids, they are likely to thrive, royal or not royal.”

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