Sonu Sood’s life size poster showered with milk by Andhra Pradesh fans, actor expresses gratitude


Sonu Sood’s life size poster showered with milk by Andhra Pradesh fans

Since last year, Sonu has been working relentlessly to help people amid the Covid crisis. The actor has been arranging medical help and basic needs for all the people in need. He has been titled as the ‘messiah’ by the people. On Thursday, his fans from Andhra Pradesh poured milk on a life-size poster of his to show their appreciation for the actor. A video is going viral in which fans can be seen showering milk on Sood’s poster and acknowledging all that he has done for humanity.

The video read, “In Srikalahasti of Andhra Pradesh’s Chittoor district, #SonuSood’s life size photo was showered with milk. The event was headed by Puli Srikanth, who tried to convey to everyone that they should take Sonu Sood as an inspiration and help others, through this program.” Expressing his gratitude, Sood also reacted to the video and said, “Humbled.”

At a time when the country is dealing with oxygen shortage with the increase in covid cases, Sonu Sood has stepped forward to bring oxygen plants from France and other nations for installing at varied places in India. Sonu Sood is trying to prepare the country for the third wave of the pandemic. The actor is planning to install at least four of the oxygen plants in the worst-hit COVID-19 states of India, including Delhi and Maharashtra.

“We are bringing in oxygen plants for the people in need. We have seen a lot of people suffering because of the unavailability of oxygen cylinders. We have got it now, and are already giving it to people. However, these oxygen plants will not only supply to entire hospitals but will also get these oxygen cylinders filled up, which will solve a major problem of the people suffering from Covid-19,” Sonu said.

In a tweet, Sonu Sood said anyone who has lost a loved one due to scarcity of oxygen or injection has not failed. “Anyone who has lost a loved one due to the scarcity of Oxygen or an injection, will never be able to live in peace all their life. They will always live with a feeling that they failed to save their family. I want to tell them. You didn’t fail, We did,” Sonu tweeted.

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