Signs And Symptoms You Must Watch Out For; Know What You Should Do In This Condition

Hypoglycemia is a condition when blood sugar levels are lower than normal. Your body shows certain symptoms in this condition. Read here to know some of these.

Hypoglycemia Or Low Blood Sugar: Signs And Symptoms You Must Watch Out For; Know What You Should Do In This Condition

Low blood sugars can lead to dizziness, hunger, sweating and tiredness


  1. Hypoglycemia requires immediate treatment
  2. It can lead to unconsciousness if left untreated
  3. Non-diabetics can also experience low blood sugar levels

Hypoglycemia is a condition in which blood sugar levels are lower than normal. People with diabetes are more likely to experience low blood sugar levels but non-diabetics can also experience hypoglycemia. It is a serious condition that needs immediate treatment. Other than poorly managed diabetes, certain medication and health condition can also contribute to low blood sugar levels. People are generally unaware that their blood sugar levels are dropping. If you do not have diabetes, it is important to watch out for the symptoms of hypoglycemia. Here are some of the symptoms of low blood sugar levels you need to know to avoid any severe complication.

Hypoglycemia: Signs and symptoms of low blood sugar levels

Dr. V Mohan who is a diabetologist shares a few symptoms of Hypoglycemia in one of his recent social media posts. “Hypoglycemia or low blood sugar can show symptoms including excessive hunger, sweating, palpitation, tiredness and dizziness,” he says.

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Other symptoms include- unclear vision, sudden changes in mood, fatigue, hunger and pale skin. Low blood sugars can affect your day to day functioning. Extreme tiredness and fatigue can make it hard for you to complete everyday tasks efficiently. If left uncontrolled it can lead to loss of consciousness, blurred vision and even seizures in some cases.


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Hypoglycemia or low blood sugar can lead to tiredness and fatigue
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“If you experience any of these, immediately check your sugars. If it is low, take glucose, sweet or something to eat to alleviate the symptoms immediately,” Dr. Mohan adds.

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If you do not have diabetes it might not be possible for you to check blood sugar levels immediately. You must see your doctor if the symptoms do not improve, you experience them frequently or become unconscious.

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