Shriya Saran’s Sunday Post About Daughter Wins The Internet

Shriya Sara with daughter. (courtesy: shriya_saran1109)

Shriya Saran has shared a set of adorable photos of her daughter Radha on Sunday. It was the actress’ playtime with her daughter. In some of the photos, we see the kid wearing a bright pink outfit and white shoes while strolling and playing on a lawn. In other photos, we see the little bundle of joy with her mom. Shriya is dressed in a swimsuit. While keeping the camera away from the kid’s face, the actress showed us how the mother-daughter duo was enjoying the weekend. Shriya also shared a video, where she is all smiles alongside her husband Andrei Koscheev. For the caption, the actress wrote, “Grateful. Blessed morning.”

Shriya Saran also shared glimpses of her daughter on Instagram Stories. In these photos, we see them paying next to a swimming pool. The actress used lines from Donna Lewis’ song I Love You Always Forever.


Here’s another video from Sunday where we see Shriya Saran’s daughter. In the black-and-white video, we see the actress carrying her daughter in her arms while swaying to a song. The caption read, “Grateful. Radha.”

Shriya Saran keeps sharing her fun-filled moments with her daughter. Her Instafam can’t be too grateful for this. Here’s a post where Shriya wrote, “You bring me endless joy, my heart is your forever.” The actress also added an infinity symbol to her caption. She was seen smiling ear-to-ear in the photos.

Before diving into the new year, Shriya Saran enjoyed a vacation in December 2021. Her daughter Radha was also part of the photos and videos from her beach vacation. The actress had shared videos on Instagram Stories. In the clips, we saw the mother holding the kid’s hands and helping her walk on the sand. Shriya was wearing a green one-piece swimsuit while Radha was beach-ready in a stripe-printed swimsuit and woven hat.

Shriya Saran married Andrei Koscheev in 2018. They welcomed their daughter Radha in 2020.

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