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But only after there is a “clear commitment” from all parties to maintain a good payment relationship.

Sigma Connected said: “This will generally be evidenced by agreeing a payment scheme for ongoing consumption.”

How can I reduce my energy bills?

Britons can take many eco-conscious steps to reduce energy consumption and, in turn, make savings.

Pranjal Arya, chief commercial officer at Hometree said: “Arranging an energy audit will automatically help you save money, as it’ll make you aware of your items’ condition and whether they are running at the most efficient level.

“An energy audit will identify areas where there’s excess energy waste and help you adjust your usage to minimise it.”

However, Mr Arya noted it’s also “important to try and be as energy efficient around the house as possible during these financially difficult times” to cut costs further.

Take a four-minute shower

Taking a four-minute shower is a great way to reduce your costs, according to Mr Arya.

He said: “Even if you’re not on a water meter, you’ll still save on your gas bill because an average of 25 percent of a household’s energy bills are spent heating water.”

According to the Energy Saving Trust: “Cutting just a minute off our shower time could save £15 in energy bills, and a further £15 in water bills if water is metered, per person, per year – or £120 saved a year for an average four-person household.”

People can purchase a four-minute shower timer for just £2.49.

Use ceramic or glass rather than metal in the oven

Ceramics or glass retain heat exceptionally well, which means people can set the heat lower on the oven as a result of its increased efficiency.

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