Scorpio: Get to know yourself better – “the more intense and boundary-pushing, the better”

Scorpios can’t resist a glass of red wine, so if you’re in the mood to relax and unwind, get sipping. To celebrate Scorpio season, Scorpios should visit an art gallery or exhibition. They absolutely love art, and according to, “the more intense and boundary-pushing, the better”.

While Scorpios love being alone, they have no trouble socialising.

According to, their peers are “entranced, captivated, and – ok, a little afraid” of them.

Scorpio, you have a magnetic energy that makes others want to be around you.

The people that excite you are those who “set the pulse of a city”.

This sign gravitates towards creative, passionate minds such as chefs and artists.


For Scorpios, “a job that can combine their social life and real life is often ideal.”

In terms of colour, Scorpios are a “fiery” and passionate red.

When they love something, they truly love it.

Other colours that bring out their inner sparkle are blue, which channels their “empathy and understanding”, and grey, which speaks to the “shifting intensity in Scorpio’s internal emotional landscape”.

However, this sign should beware of yellow and all of its “sunny optimism”, as Scorpios like to examine all elements of a situation – not just the happy ones.

Green is also “too one-dimensional” for such a multi-faceted sign.

While they do not like green, Scorpios love being outside – preferably when it’s dark.

They enjoy a raging storm, and long, dark nights, especially when they can spend these with loved ones.

For Scorpios planning a holiday, they should visit somewhere no one else they know has been.

They don’t need recommendations or tips, as they “have a special charm and knack for getting introduced to VIPs in whatever city they’re in”.

Non-Scorpios, this sign makes a fabulous travel companion, as they “bypass the so-called tourist attractions in favour of small boutiques, insider-only restaurants, and other experiences they deem authentic.”

They’re all about finding magic in everything.

Finally, happy early or belated birthday to all Scorpios!

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