Scorpio and Gemini: Get to know these star signs – ‘The chameleon’ and ‘your worst enemy’

Horoscope experts revealed the key personality traits of each, so you can deeper understand the Scorpios and Geminis in your life. Or, if you are a Gemini or Scorpio, it’s time for some introspection. said that Geminis are “smart, passionate, and dynamic”.

They are characterised by the twins Castor and Pollux, and are able to present two sides of themselves to others.

Forever the “chameleon of the zodiac”, a Gemini can adapt to different groups of people with ease and is “easily the life of the party without trying”.

Even though they are popular and social creatures, Geminis also love alone time and can “often turn their solitary daydreams into reality”.

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They do not find themselves bogged down in negative thoughts for too long, as they have “glass-half-full optimism” and generally “land on their feet”.

In fact, their motto is: “I manifest my reality”.

Take a leaf out of Gemini’s book and curate a fabulous life for yourself.

Gemini, something that lets you down, however, is that you tend to gossip to keep things “exciting”.


This has given the sign a reputation of being “two-faced”.

However, Geminis have “uncanny” emotionally intelligence and are “incredibly loyal” to those they care about.

Scorpios are “passionate, independent, and unafraid to blaze their own trail no matter what others think,” according to

Incredibly intense by nature, this sign makes a statement “wherever they go”.

The experts continued to reveal: “They are all about being authentic – even when authentic isn’t pretty.”

If you’re lucky enough to have a Scorpio friend, they will tell you the truth no matter what.

They do have an outer shell, but once you crack it, passing all of Scorpio’s “tests”, you’ll find a “loving person whose passion knows no bounds”.

Beware: “A Scorpio will be your most loyal friend, most dedicated employee—and your worst enemy, if they want to be.”

One thing to work on, Scorpio, is your dislike of being vulnerable: “It’s okay to cry.”

Your desire to be tough can make you appear “prickly, uncaring, and cold” to outsiders.

However, Scorpios are very empathetic, with the ability to read a room quickly and “clue into how everyone else is feeling”.

Like Geminis, Scorpios are also indisputably “loyal”.

Their motto is: “You never know what you are capable of until you try.”

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