Sarah Ferguson engagement ring: Burmese jewel from Prince Andrew worth thousands

Royal engagement rings are some of the most talked about pieces of jewellery in the world. From heirlooms to custom pieces, members of the Royal Family have access to some of the most stunning jewels.

Given inflation, this could be anything up to £70,000.

After the high-profile separation of the couple, Fergie still wore her engagement ring for 11 years before taking it off.

It is not known where the ring is now.

Princess Eugenie was also given a similar looking ring when Jack Brooksbank popped the question in 2019.

It features an oval sapphire as the centrepiece and is surrounded by sparkly diamonds. 

Speaking previously to, Laura Lambert, founder and CEO of jewellery company Fenton, gave an insight into the stunning ring.

She said: “12 carats untreated oval Sri Lankan BS surrounded by 14 brilliant cut round diamonds for a total weight of 1.70 carats.”

The average engagement ring weight in the UK is 0.6 carats, which is equivalent to a value of around £2,000.

The expert added: “Following Lady Di’s death in 1997, the ring as well as her Cartier watch were returned to the Prince of Wales for distribution amongst her sons.

“Story goes that Prince William originally picked the watch but then traded the watch for the ring with Prince Harry to have a suitable ring to propose with.”

It is thought that the piece could be worth anything up to £400,000 given the sentimental value it holds.

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