Samba paddy farmers in TN worried in the want of loans

Chennai, Sep 30 (IANS) The Samba farmers of Tiruchi and Nagapattinam districts of Tamil Nadu (NS:) are worried as they are unable to get loans sanctioned by the cooperative societies even after raising nurseries.

Most of the farmers, whom IANS approached, said the lack of support from Village Administrative Officers(VAOs) is the main reason for not getting loans.

Swaminathan Raman, a Samba paddy farmer told IANS, “Even after we have spent an amount of around Rs 7,500 for sowing the seeds per acre of paddy field, as the VAO had insisted, we are yet to get loans for further taking forward the farming.”

However, Joint Registrar of cooperative societies, Jeyaram T told IANS, “The earlier incidents of non-repayment of loans is the major reason why farmers are not being sanctioned loans. Another reason is abandoning the farming post getting loans even after raising nurseries.”

The district collectors of Tiruchi and Nagapattinam have intervened in the matter and directed the VAOs to speed up the sanctioning of the loans.

Farmer leaders insisted that loans cannot be repaid until and unless this season crop also commences and Kuvai farmers earn properly.



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