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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has warned Russia he will punish those who committed atrocities in Ukraine adding that the “only quiet place” that awaits them would be “the grave”. He made the defiant comments today as Moscow is condemned for shelling of civilians as they tried to flee a town on the outskirts of Kyiv, killing a young family. Mr Zelensky said today: “We will not forgive the destroyed houses. We will not forgive the missile that our air defence shot down over Okhmatdyt today. And more than five hundred other such missiles that hit our land. All over Ukraine .. hit our people and children. “We will not forgive the shooting of unarmed people. Destruction of our infrastructure.

“We will not forgive hundreds and hundreds of victims. Thousands and thousands of sufferings.

“And God will not forgive. Not today. Not tomorrow. Never. And instead of Forgiveness, there will be a Day of Judgment. I’m sure of it.”

Russia’s bombardment in Ukraine has been unrelenting since troops first moved into the country.

Despite Moscow possessing one of the biggest forces in the world, Ukrainian troops have been able to slow the advances of Russian soldiers on the ground.

Ukrainian MP Inna Sovsun tells that Russian forces are suffering from low morale and many are even surrendering.

She said: “The morale of the Russian forces… morale seems to be extremely low.

“I think many of them were victims of Putin’s propaganda , many of them did actually believe that Ukrainians were waiting for them to come.

“Lots of them thought they’d be greeted with flowers on the street with people saying ‘thanks for coming to liberate us’. Instead they are being met with molotov cocktails being thrown at them.

“This is not something they were expecting. They were living in Putin’s propaganda world for so long.

“There were some messages released by the Ukrainian military texting with their parents, and they were saying things like ‘Mum, I can’t believe we are actually killing civilians here’. So that is something many of them are not prepared to do.”

Ms Sovsun also claimed many Russian soldiers are refusing to fight.

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She added: “Many of them are giving up. They are leaving their vehicles and tanks and just trying to disappear into the woods.

“They are also encountering Ukrainian soldiers, who are better equipped and have proper food. I think that is also a shock for Russian soldiers.”

Various reports have claimed that Russian forces were unaware that they were headed to Ukraine for war, with some saying they thought they were just engaging in training exercises.

Today, a captured Russian soldier has admitted he was “100 percent wrong” about Putin’s invasion.

In a video released by Ukrainian officials, the remorseful soldier explained how state media painted Ukraine as a country in need of rescuing from the grip of nationalists and “Nazis”.

He said: “Literally I’m 100 percent wrong now. Don’t judge too harshly. We were told Ukraine is dominated by fascists… Nazis had seized power. We did not know the situation for sure.

“When we entered this territory I watched the address of your boxers (Olexander Usyk and Vasily Lomachenko). Back home I always loved watching them.


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“They said ‘we didn’t call you here’. I feel shame that we came to this country.”

Mr Usyk was preparing to fight Anthony Joshua in a rematch, having defeated the Briton in September.

But the Ukrainian boxer has now gone back to his home country to help fight off the Russian invasion.

Speaking from a bunker on Wednesday, he was asked by CNN why he took up arms.

He responded: “What do you mean why?

“It is my duty to fight, to defend my home, my family.”

The UK Government also believes that Russian forces are struggling in Ukraine.

Admiral Sir Tony Radakin, Chief of the Defence Staff, said that Moscow had “got itself into a mess” and that its invasion was “not going well”.

He added that Putin’s troops have been “decimated”.

As many as 11,000 Russian soldiers have been killed in the fighting, according to the latest approximate figures published by the Ukrainian armed forces yesterday.

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