Russia war: Ukraine ambassador fumes at German ‘solidarity concert’ with Russians | World | News

Ambassador Andriy Melnyk refused to attend the event, which he described as “an affront”. The concert, organised by German President Frank Walter Steinmeier, took place earlier today. It was organised to “condemn the attack on Ukraine and send a signal of solidarity and the shared belief in the value of freedom and self-determination”, a statement said.

According to the Office of the Federal President, musicians from countries such as Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Germany were set to perform.

It said that the concert would include pieces by Ukrainian, Russian and Polish composers together.

However, only Russian soloists could be seen on the schedule, alongside performances by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.

Mr Melnyk slammed the concert, writing on Twitter: “The Federal President invited me to the ‘Solidarity Concert with the Ukraine’ March 27th.

“Small spoiler: kick it

“ONLY RUSSIAN (!) SOLOISTS. No Ukrainians!

“In the midst of a Russian war against Ukrainian civilians!

“An affront. Sorry I’m staying away ‼️”

Speaking at the concert, Mr Steinmeier criticised Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying: “Let us be vigilant against all-out hostilities and not succumb to Putin’s pseudo-historical nationalist illusion.

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“I address the older people among you who have survived the Second World War, who were rescued during the occupation, who survived Babyn Yar, where President Steinmeier visited last year for the 80th anniversary of the tragedy, and where Russian missiles struck.

“It was there that families were killed. Again, 80 years later.”

Criticising the German government for its failure to accept Ukraine into NATO, alongside its support for the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, Mr Zelensky also accused the country of contributing to a new “Berlin Wall”, referring to the Soviet rule of East Germany.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian MP Dymtro Gurin has accused the German Government of “financing mass murder”, over Berlin’s reluctance to ditch Russian gas.

Speaking to earlier this week, Mr Gurin said: “Germany has to understand that buying Russian gas they’re financing the mass murder.”

He added: “Germany and not other European countries, they are afraid they will not get gas and because they fear, they’re financing mass-murdering.”

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