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A UK minister said it is “not too late” for Russian President Vladimir Putin to “de-escalate” tensions on the Ukraine border. 

Chris Philp, for the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport said the Government is “deeply concerned” about the “unprecedented levels” of Russian troops around the Ukrainian border. 

He added that Boris Johnson and US President Joe Biden were “right to want” Russia’s Vladimir Putin that consequences would be “very serious” in terms of sanctions. 

He told Sky News: “In the United Kingdom, we are doing everything we can to to support the Ukrainians, including supplying military equipment that would help them – and training that goes with that – to prevent tanks, Russian tanks, from entering Ukrainian territory.

“We are urging Russia to get to the table, to discuss issues that are relevant and to de-escalate the situation. De-escalation is clearly in the interests of all concerned – it is not too late to de-escalate, and that is what now needs to happen.”

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