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German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock has commented that although  Europe in an “absolutely precarious situation”, war is “not already a done deal”. 

Speaking on Sunday evening, she said there are “no signs that the armed conflict has already been decided,” and insisted the talks with Russia are about “talking together about how we can ensure security together”.

She stressed the importance of discussing further disarmament steps and encouraged transparency on both sides.

“Military conflicts are the worst thing for all of us in the heart of Europe.”

She emphasized that the West is always ready to speak out: “We are trying on all channels to keep Russia at the negotiating table.”

Should there be a military attack by Russia on Ukraine, there will be tough economic sanctions, said Ms Baerbock: “We do not shy away from the consequences, Russia must be aware of that.”

An attack would have “incredibly large consequences and consequences for Russia”.

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