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The chilling video, which was intercepted by US intelligence, shows Russian actors dressed as Ukrainian militants filming a fake dirty nuclear bomb being made, to be detonated in the event of a Russian invasion, killing scores. Observers have warned the staging is a textbook example of Russian efforts to trigger a “false flag” attack that Russian President Vladimir Putin could use as an excuse to invade Ukraine.

According to The Mirror, the video was discovered on messaging service Telegram and shows a Ukrainian bomb-maker putting together the final touches to a time bomb.

Text below the menacing video claims the blast would spread radioactive waste three miles from the location of the explosion and kill many people through contamination.

A caption next to a logo of the far-right National Corps Party, who are not represented in the Ukrainian parliament, reads: “Remote controlled explosive device with radioactive elements.

“Zone of effect 5 km. It is devised for the partisan war.

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“It will be used in the case of Russian army invasion in the territory of Ukraine.”

The video, which has also appeared on Russian websites, shows a terrorist lifting a lid on a black container containing a timer, a phone and wiring.

A bag of what they call “radioactive” material is also clearly visible, placed next to supposed explosives which would scatter the radioactive material and contaminate the explosion zone.

The actor then unscrews a detonator and places a mobile phone with a flashing red light next to another phone which is assumed to be the trigger for the blast.

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The National Corps Party said of the dirty bomb video: “This video is a poorly made fake, and this whole story is a work of sick imagination of Russians to discredit Ukraine.”

Speaking to last month, former British spy Philip Ingram MBE warned of such a “false flag” tactic being launched as he predicted an increase in rhetoric about threats into Russia.

He predicted how President Putin could also come up with something that will suggest there are “separatist organisations operating in Ukraine and in Russia”.

He also warned that Putin’s elite special forces units could be used to launch fabricated “terror attacks” inside Russia and even on Russian citizens, as well as in Ukraine.

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Explaining the “false flag” plans, Mr Ingram said: “It would not surprise me if we saw terrorist-style attacks inside Ukraine, false flag…

“And even terrorist-style attacks inside Russia itself, false flag, carried out by Wagner or GRU to give him an excuse to go across the border.”

It comes as over 126,000 Russian troops and military equipment have amassed on Ukraine’s eastern border with Russia.

While over 80,000 Russian and Belarusian troops have lined up along Ukraine’s northern border with Belarus.

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