Russell Grant’s horoscopes for today


You’re tempted to take a risk in business or finance. Before you do, be sure the odds are in your favour. Whether it is money, romance or your future happiness that’s at stake, risks only of the calculated variety should be made. What do you stand to gain? What might you lose? Keep emotion out of it. Make decisions with your head.


Follow health and safety rules to protect your well-being. Take care in any sports or physical activities you may be involved in or you could put yourself out of commission for a few days which will be extremely frustrating. Nerves could get the better of you in a competitive event.


You’re at your most charming, charismatic and popular. People who know you well are happy to let you have your own way. You can sense what others expect and need from you and you have the energy to throw yourself into group activities. No one is going to be left disappointed.


Responsibilities could keep you tied to the one spot for a large part of the day and this could make you feel confined or restricted. Whenever there is a problem, what’s good about having some great friends is that there is always someone ready to support you when you need it.


Romance is in the air. Through working together as a team you are starting to discover your lover is also your best friend and this will mean the world to you. Two minds can think as one. Two hearts will beat as one as your other half shows insight into your problems and you are able to help them resolve an emotional issue.


An important job assignment is going well although you will not take anything too much for granted. Career prospects look good as new professional horizons are starting to open up for you. As you already know: the more effort you put into your goals, the greater the chance of success.


Keep trying to reconcile your differences if a relationship is important to you. There are ways to put things right between you. It will take a little time as compromise is a continuing process but soon anger will start to fade as happiness takes its place.


A close relationship isn’t the same as it used to be. You may have outgrown each other. If a partnership feels like it has passed its sell-by date, don’t prolong the agony by clinging on. Don’t be surprised if the pieces of your emotional life don’t seem to fit together. Addressing issues causing problems will make for a better future.


You’re in the right kind of mood to make the most of all and every opportunity that comes your way. Any arrangement, agreement or even relationship that starts today will have long-term consequences. Fun and escapism can be found through friendships and by getting more involved in a group or society.


You’re conscious about your health and the need to be sensible about what you eat. There is no time like the present to launch a new exercise or diet program. Trends are good if you are planning to get married or to move in with your partner.


If you need to convince someone your ideas are the best ones, they are more likely to agree if you give them a little time to think about it. You want to get started on plans to improve your domestic world and you are happy to put money and energy into this venture.


You’re walking around with secrets you would rather were out in the open. You have heavy burdens locked deep inside of you. They keep you awake at night and you know that they will continue to haunt you until you do something that makes you feel you are facing up to them.

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