Royal jewellery: Hidden meanings behind Camilla’s ‘everyday’ bracelets

Whether it is to represent a relationship with a country or a person who is dear to them, members of the Royal Family often wear jewels with hidden meanings, and Camilla is no different. Although subtle, the three bracelets she regularly wears together each has a special significance.

Charlotte White, Head of Design at 77 Diamonds, Europe’s largest online jeweller, said: “Camilla absolutely loves jewellery.

“On formal occasions, she regularly dons opulent necklaces encrusted with gemstones.

“These larger jewels range from gifts from Prince Charles to pieces in the Royal Collection whose custodian is Her Majesty the Queen, and gifts from Saudi Arabia and Middle Eastern leaders including the Emir of Bahrain and the ruler of Kuwait.”

Charlotte continued: “The pandemic has heralded an emphasis on daywear and some of Camilla’s notable everyday pieces carry special significance, offering us a small glimpse into what she holds dear.”


The bracelets Charlotte mentions that Camilla “holds dear” are a personalised fold bracelet, a cotton friendship bracelet, and a gold evil eye bracelet.

These are the jewels the Duchess is rarely seen without.

The personalised gold bracelet is a chunky gold chain with a variety of coin-like charms dangling from it.

One of the charms is a gold disk engraved with the numbers 30.12.09, which is the birth date of her twin grandsons, Gus and Louis.

Camilla may no longer be afraid to wear more casual pieces due to the pandemic.

Jewellery expert Charlotte explained: “Casual, more relaxed styles have become commonplace for many over the last year.

“The Duchess of Cornwall has been seen wearing an understated blue friendship bracelet made of twisted fabric since late 2020—a far cry from her more traditional, regal tiaras and statement necklaces.”

She added: “Camilla has also been seen wearing a bracelet on a delicate gold chain, adorned with a sideways cross and evil eye: a millennia-old symbol designed to ward off unwelcome attention.”

Camilla’s friendship bracelet is made of a blue fabric and it seems the Duchess only started wearing it regularly in the latter half of last year

Meanwhile, her evil eye bracelet – which features a small nazar that looks like a blue eye, as well as a delicate cross – is not new, but has a significant meaning from various parts of history, including from ancient Jewish literature and from Islam.

The nazar is supposed to ward off the presence of the evil eye, which is thought to be a curse cast by a malevolent glare that can cause injury or misfortune, according to ancient wisdom.

Another bracelet Camilla has been seen wearing in recent weeks is a Van Cleef and Arpels bracelet, featuring blue leaf-like charms on a gold bracelet.

The Duchess wore the bracelet with a stand-out all-red outfit earlier this month when she visited Cardiff’s Senedd for the opening ceremony of its sixth session.

Camilla wowed fans as her red dress, including her matching hat, paid tribute to Wales.

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