Royal Family: Princess Diana and Kate Middleton wore dresses by Queen’s favourite designer

Ahead of the release of ‘Spencer’ in November, fashion experts have revealed the British Royal Family’s favourite designers and items. The Queen’s dressmaker Angela Kelly topped the list, followed by Princess Diana and Kate Middleton’s preferred designer Catherine Walker. Christian Dior was the royals’ third favourite designer, with the Royal Family wearing the luxury brand an estimated 59 times.

To rank the designers, the concierge team researched the number of times the designers were worn by members of the Royal Family during official engagements and public sightings, since the Queen’s inauguration in 1953.

Fashion experts from a luxury marketplace have revealed that the Queen’s dressmaker, Angela Kelly, is the designer most commonly worn by the Royal Family.

This comes after the platform commissioned research into fashion designers donned by modern royals the most since Elizabeth II became Queen.’s fashion experts, who are part of the company’s concierge team, have researched the number of times the Royal Family have worn famous designers.

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After conducting the research and comparing the many royal designers, it was the Queen’s personal dressmaker Angela Kelly who was voted number one on the list.

There were 10 ‘Royal Designers’ voted most popular by the fashion experts.

The estimated number of times Angela Kelly’s clothes have been worn by a member of the Royal Family in an official capacity, are 329.

Catherine Walker came second with 128, followed by Christian Dior at 59.


Alexander McQueen, who famously designed Princess Diana and Kate Middleton’s wedding dresses, has been worn by the royals 52 times.

The traditional royal dressmaker Norman Hartnell, who designed the Queen’s wedding dress, has dressed the royals 43 times.

Other designers that made the top 10 list include Bruce Oldfield, Victor Edelstein, The Emmanuels, Jacques Azagury, and Versace.

In the years following her inauguration, Elizabeth’s designer of choice was Norman Hartnell, who worked as the Queen’s dressmaker until his death in 1979.

This was a privilege shared with designer Hardy Amies.

However, in 1992, the mantle was taken up by the Queen’s current dressmaker, Angela Kelly, who has continued to create outfits for Queen Elizabeth II ever since.

One of the most famous of the royal designers, Catherine Walker was Princess Diana’s designer of choice, and is also a favourite of Kate Middleton.

Walker is known to have supplied 1,000 outfits to Princess Diana, who was buried in a black dress created by the French-born designer.

Fashion experts from HushHush’s concierge team collated resources, such as books and photographs from official royal communications and the media, that document what the Royal Family is wearing to estimate how many times each designer has been worn by royals.

Aaron Harpin, founder, spoke to about Angela Kelly being named the royals’ favourite designer.

Aaron said: “The current generations of the Royal Family have captivated the public globally for close to a century, and throughout that time they’ve not only kept up with current fashion trends, they’ve also been trendsetters themselves – particularly Princess Diana.

“As a brand which prides itself on remaining immersed in the world of luxury and fashion, we decided to look at which designers had serviced the Royal Family the most over the last 68 years – and looking at the amount of public outings the Queen makes, despite her age, we weren’t surprised to see Angela at the top of the list.”

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