Royal Family are ‘au natural’ – ‘not big on the Botox & fillers’ but prefer ‘rejuvenation’

The British Royal Family is full of individuals of different ages. However all the royal women, regardless of age, have great skin. Sharin Shafer, the co-owner of Skinfluencer, an aesthetic and laser skin clinic in South Kensington, spoke exclusively to about the various Royal Families from around the world going to her clinic for treatments and what they enjoy about the service.

She said: “The concept for Skinfluencer was to create medically led proven technology results-driven protocols in a boutique environment with a concierge service.

“I think that’s what attracts the kind of clients we have, because we’re very bespoke, it works, we’re comfortable, luxurious but medical.

“That’s what they said, that’s what they like about it. Every royal that we have coming in here is so down to earth, I mean really. They’ll be talking about their castle but they are so down to earth, they really are.

“They like the natural look, they don’t like to look like they’ve had work done, even the Arabs because we have some Arab royals as well and most of our Arab based royals, they don’t care they’re just like go for it!”

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Sharin added: “It seems like the royals are quite au naturel but I also found they’re not big on the Botox and fillers and so they like that we have skin revitalising and rejuvenation treatments, no downtime and it’s all-natural.

“You’ll see a lot of rosacea amongst the English Royal Family and we have great technology to address that. We have machines that actually address the vascularity that’s feeding the rosacea, and we have sophisticated technology and know how to use it properly so we’re not just putting makeup on it.

“We’re fixing it. That was important to me. But the royals like the natural, and they like that they don’t have downtime.”

Sharin spoke about the “journey” the royals go on, once they begin their treatments at Skinfluencer.


She said: “We have royals that are the mother and daughters, and they have different issues. But they still have skin, everyone has skin!”

Sharin also noted: “The royals sometimes have to reschedule appointments a lot, because they have this coming up or that coming up, or they have to be somewhere else or fly somewhere else, and that’s fine. We just reschedule their appointment!

“But they’re not ‘not nice’ about it. They’re always like ‘I’m so very sorry but we can’t make it today’.

“There’s a couple of royals I would love to get because we do a lot of good for their skin.

“Plus, no one would ever know they had had work done because it’s medically based and not surgery.”

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