Robert Shaw infuriated Richard Dreyfuss out of revenge during Jaws set chaos at sea | Films | Entertainment

Dreyfuss continued: “Every drinker on that crew went ‘ooooh’ and then he got his revenge by taking the fire hose and pointing it at my face. I lost my sense of humour and that lasted about an hour. The shoot was chaos but it was all called for. The decision to make the film on the real ocean was the first mistake.”

Nevertheless, he denies there was a feud that continued beyond this incident, adding: “It’s clearly not true, and where that started I don’t know, but trust me, Robert Shaw wouldn’t countenance that idea of a feud, forget it. I don’t know how to hold a grudge. I lost my sense of humour for one afternoon, that’s not a feud – it was very simple and he had my number.”

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