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Robert and Jane are both silver screen legends who have been strong presences in Hollywood for more than five decades. Jane, who rose to prominence in the Sixties with romantic comedy ‘Period of Adjustment’, is the recipient of various accolades including two Oscars, two BAFTAs, seven golden globes and a Primetime Emmy award. Meanwhile, Robert has starred in a number of critical and box office hits, including ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid’ as well as the blockbuster crime caper ‘The Sting’.

Behind the camera Robert has also picked up a Best Director Academy Award for ‘Ordinary People’ which was one of the most critically lauded films of the Eighties, while he also received a Lifetime Achievement Oscar two decades later.

However, Robert’s big screen breakthrough came in 1967 when he starred alongside Jane for ‘Barefoot in the Park’.

Jane later admitted that she had a “mad crush” on Robert while filming the comedy, in which a free-spirited young girl marries a conservative lawyer.

As per The Mirror, Jane admitted: “I was so in love with Bob.

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“Nothing ever happened between us but she was fabulous to kiss.

“I had a mad crush. I couldn’t wait for the cuddling scenes.

“The only bad thing is he doesn’t like to do love scenes.”

In addition to ‘Barefoot in the Park’ the pair also played love interests in Marlon Brando thriller ‘The Chase’ and Sydney Pollack’s western ‘The Electric Horseman’.

“In ‘Our Souls at Night’ the dynamic of my character to his character was somewhat similar. I just love the fact these films bookend our careers.

“We played that young love just getting married [in Barefoot] and now we play old people love and old people sex.

“Although in my opinion, Ritesh [Batra, director] cut the sex scenes too soon.”

As for how Redford feels about the love scenes, Fonda reitereated: “He doesn’t like sex scenes.”

She continued: “I live for sex scenes! He’s a great kisser.

“It was fun to kiss him in my twenties and then to him again in my almost eighties.”

When asked about the difference between filming sex scenes 50 years ago compared to the present , Robert said that love “just increases” with age.

Jane added: “We’re braver. What do we have to lose?

“So my skin sags. So does his!

“You know your body better, so you’re not afraid to ask for what you need.

“I think on a love and sex lever, it just gets better.”

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