Rishi Sunak would have ‘preferred to be elsewhere’ during PMQs – ‘eyes don’t lie’

Judi said: “Rishi was seen studying his phone but he also placed his hands on the folder on his lap with the fingers loosely meshed together in a rather elegant-looking gesture that can also signal an air of calm detachment. It suggested a lack of desire to join in, more of a calm, bland, ‘holding’ gesture that someone might perform when not personally involved in a discussion.”

She remarked that Boris “looked openly awkward, standing with his own head bowed or sitting with his arms folded and head down in a double barrier gesture”.

She concluded that his right hand man, Rishi, looked subtly so, “like a man who was likely to have preferred to be elsewhere”.

When the Prime Minister was urged to boycott the olympics in China, Rishi was seen instantly grappling for his mobile phone.

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