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Despite being together for less than a decade, The Beatles’ music has transcended generations and is just as popular today as it was in the Sixties. The surviving Beatles, namely Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, have gone on to enjoy renewed success in their later years, as well as untold riches.

Starr in particular has buckled up and worked his socks off, now having done more projects than any of the other band members since the break-up. 

McCartney claims the title of richest Beatle member by a long shot, largely due to the fact he penned a large majority of the Beatles’ music and has since had a thriving solo career. 

He is worth an estimated $1.2billion (£1billion), finding himself in the top richest musicians for years. 

Starr, meanwhile, is worth an estimated $350million (£292million), and though this may seem like pennies in comparison to McCartney, it has earned him the title of the world’s richest drummer. 

Starr has overcome fellow rockstars Dave Grohl, former drummer of rock band Nirvana, Charlie Watts, late drummer of international sensation Rolling Stones, and Phil Collins, former drummer of Genesis. 

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What may be the most surprising about Starr’s fortune is that it is not just music earning him millions. 

Since 1970, Starr has released 20 albums, created his own band, appeared in multiple films, and written five books. 

With all of his income streams, Starr’s net worth has increased by an estimated $20million (£16million) every year since 2018. 

It means that Starr earns a monthly income of £1.6million. 

Starr turned his hand to acting after The Beatles, having had some experience with the craft whilst the band was together, appearing in 38 projects since the band’s split. 

He also has a surprisingly profitable real estate portfolio, owning homes in both America and the UK. 

In 2014 the Los Angeles Times reported that Starr’s Surrey home was worth between £15million and £20million.

Most of his authorial ventures recount his memories, experiences and photographs from his time as a Beatle.

Starr also put his hand to children’s books with Octopus’s Garden which features some of the Beatles’ music.

The Beatles broke up in 1970 after years of international fame and success, and 50 years later only Starr and McCartney remain. 


Starr is the oldest Beatle, turning 82 on July 7, but is still going strong, currently touring America and Canada. 

Shortly after the break up, Starr kept creating music and starting new projects, releasing albums and starting his own solo career. 

He often collaborated with other Beatles members, and joined forces with McCartney and George Harrison in the Nineties to release The Beatles’ first single since the band dissolved. 

Together they also created The Beatles Anthology, which became a mini-series of interviews about their time together as a band. 

Starr’s latest studio album was released in 2019, proving that he is in now way ready to leave the music industry even at the ripe age of 80.

Ringo Starr & His All Starr Band has been performing and touring since 1989, swapping out members every now and then. 

These tours helped to cement his place as a musical icon after the break-up of the band that made him famous in the first place. 

In 2013 Forbes reported he was earning $300,000 (£250,000) per show in these tours, and with over 30 years worth of tours to add up it’s safe to say this venture alone has earned Starr millions. 

Thanks to his musical prowess, Starr has been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame twice, first as a Beatle member in 1988 and then as a soloist in 2015. 

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