Ready for a career change? Take this course to become a Microsoft database administrator


Learn all the skills you need in this Microsoft SQL Server training course to switch to one of the highest paying careers in tech without taking time away from your day job.


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Database administrator is one of the highest-paying careers in IT, and a majority of database systems use SQL or some variation of it. So, acquiring SQL skills is a great move toward obtaining a new, well-paid job. If you’ve been wanting to switch to a tech career that is in demand, then you’ll be interested to know that “The Essential Microsoft SQL Server Training Bundle” allows you to train at your own pace to get the skills you need, and it’s now on sale for $29.99.

There are only two sections in this e-learning bundle, but they contain everything you need to know to begin a career in database management. Start with “Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Administration” to learn how SQL Server maintains a server environment and all of the databases it contains, including the most up-to-date features. The course covers the server’s installation and security, as well as how data is stored, monitored and recovered.

Once you’ve got all of that covered, you’ll move on to the next section, “Microsoft SQL 2019—Big Data.” This is where you’ll gain the skills to start working with big data clusters in SQL Server 2019, learning how to combine data that comes from a wide range of sources into one single view. These are useful for business intelligence analysis and machine learning, in particular.

The content in this bundle is provided by ITU Online Training, which has created IT training online since 2012. More than 650,000 students have taken these classes, which offer preparation for certification exams and real-world skills that can be used to advance IT careers. The company has won a number of awards, including the Cybersecurity Excellence and Best in Biz Awards.

This is a good opportunity to gain the skills you need to switch to a highly paid tech career. Grab “The Essential Microsoft SQL Server Training Bundle” while you can get it for $29.99 (normal price is $198).

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