Queen share Freddie Mercury performing Tie Your Mother Down live | Music | Entertainment

This week’s episode of Queen The Greatest Live takes fans back to 1982’s Milton Keynes Bowl concert, with adrenaline-fuelled footage of the group performing Tie Your Mother Down. The show was part of the band’s Hot Space Tour, in support of their 10th album and performing at one of the UK’s largest new open-air venues demanded a spectacle to match.

On Tie Your Mother Down, Sir Brian told Absolute Radio: “It was built around a riff I’d had kicking around for a long time. “I know pretty much where I first played it. It was on top of a volcanic ridge in Tenerife where I was doing my PhD studies. I had a little acoustic guitar I’d bought down in Santa Cruz, and I remember beating out that riff and enjoying the feeling of bending the string. And I sat there watching the sun go down and singing along to it.”

Next week’s episode of Queen The Greatest Live is called Queen: We Are The Champions. 

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