Queen Letizia ‘honours Queen Sofia’ by re-wearing her clothes – ‘a beautiful statement’

“The pieces she has selected are very in-keeping with her style, plus she has given some items a modern twist and customised them to make them her own.”

Daena Borrowman, the Marketing Manager at jewellerybox, also spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about Queen Letizia’s wardrobe choices.

She said: “In recent times, Queen Letizia of Spain has been paying the ultimate tribute to her elegant mother-in-law, Queen Sofia, by re-wearing some of her chicest working outfits from many decades ago.

“Queen Letizia, formerly a journalist and anchor who married into royalty, is very much a modern-day royal in the sense that she has always been re-wearing and restyling key pieces from her capsule wardrobe.

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